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The world’s most expensive front-engine Porsche

by Andrew Newton
13 May 2021 2 min read
Photo by Brian Henniker, courtesy Gooding & Company

We’ve speculated that a ’90s classic will sell for over half a million dollars in 2021. Well, it’s barely May and we’ve already hit that milestone. At $792,000, This 968 is also the most expensive front-engine Porsche (924, 928, 944, 968, Cayenne, or Panamera) we’ve ever seen, and by a very wide margin.

Engine placement aside, this 968 Turbo S has the ingredients of a collectible Porsche. It’s derived from the 968 Turbo RS used in ADAC GT Cup competition, and that means high-performance. The eight-valve cylinder head of the old 944 Turbo was adapted to the 968‘s 3.0-liter block and fitted with a KKK turbocharger for 305 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque, impressive stuff for a four-banger. The sprint to 60 took 4.7 seconds and the Turbo S could hit 175 mph on the autobahn. A 75-percent locking limited-slip, 911 Turbo S brakes, lowered suspension, and body kit with adjustable rear wing rounded out the package.

German magazine auto motor und sport called it “one of the best asphalt acrobats that Porsche has yet built.” But maybe it was a little too good for a Porsche that wasn’t a 911, which may explain this car’s other collectible ingredient—limited production. Just 14 were built, including the prototype, selling for DM 175,000 ($106,000 at the time). That makes it way rarer than the next most collectible 968, the Club Sport, which saw a production run of 1371.

While Gooding sold one of the RS race cars nine years ago (for $346,500), we’ve never seen one of these Turbo S road cars come to market before. In fact, we were only vaguely aware that these cars even existed. That this one cropped up on Gooding & Company’s “Geared Online” auction this month was more than enough to pique our interest, but the $1M low estimate meant it had our undivided attention. Sold new in Germany, it had $40,000 worth of recent mechanical servicing, and although it shows a few flaws, like scratched window frames and paint chips, it’s all forgivable stuff given the 64,653 km (40,174 miles) showing, the cool factor, and the sheer rarity.

Porsche 968 front
Porschee 968 interior
Porsche 968 rear
Porsche 968 engine


  • matthew mccabe says:

    Unless you are out hunting, nothing looks good in orange

  • Glen Morehouse says:

    I love orange cars!

  • Greg McDowell says:

    I’ve hunted for orange cars and love orange Porches. No gun needed yet. Apparently this orange car sell will debate that statement.

  • Vafa Fouroohi says:

    The 968 Turbo S is an exhilarating sports car to drive. Very well balanced and powerful. One of the best for its period of 1992-1993.

  • Dave Spencer says:

    Totally agree… orange cars are standouts!

  • monkee says:

    “Collectors” have lost their collective minds.

  • Tom Claridge says:

    My fav Porsche color is a kinda orange called “tangerine”! My Carrera RS lt wt is that color!

  • D Ladson says:

    The world has truly gone mad.

  • chrlsful says:

    I like the 928 a lill beddah than the 924. Both need the plastic off the rear window, More in my price range too than an air cooled. Fav’s were the 914 w/boxer6 in the middle. Never got one as I feared the difficulty on maintenance (correct or not, never got that far due to price)…

  • Lefthandlugnut says:

    Insane price for a decent car. Two guys in the room needed their head examined! Does anyone else contemplate…you can buy several really cool, fast fun collectible cars plus a fantastic home with a equally fantastic garage to keep them in , cover insurance + taxes + utilities for years to come and still have lots of money left over ???

  • Plank says:

    You guys kill me! Orange…? Yellow….? Maybe pink…? Oh my, where are the real car guys these days?

  • Patty Mason says:

    It’s a Porsche! I don’t care what color it is – I would be proud to drive it, own it or just be the insurance agent on it Patty Mason , Concierge Insurance Agent, Newport Beach CA

  • Terry Adams says:

    ‘Love Porsches but was never that fond of the front engines models. Perhaps the steadily climbing value of the original air cooled rear engine models can account for the rising value of the others – perhaps they are pulling the liquid cooled front engine models with them. Since the family sold the business to the VW group, who can afford a new one? You can’t find a “stripped” 911, or ANY 911 under six figures anymore. They tempted us with talk of an “entry level” Boxster, even developing a flat four (liquid cooled of course) engine for it. Then they canceled the project and stuck the little motor into the Boxster and Cayman models to replace the flat six. That was cruel…

  • Dr grant selig says:

    It was not produced in numbers since it was cheaper then a 911 turbo and in fact better track times Of all cars I’ve seen never one in the flesh !

  • Helgey says:

    I painted all my cars orange in the 1980’s. It was so euro cool! The color was actually a Saab color.

  • Gerardo says:

    Top of the line for 944’s it should be in super cars line

  • Aaron Crain says:

    A Porshe is a PORSHE, whatever color it may be in. Just like all other cars, it’s what’s inside that matters more than its exterior paint.

  • Teddy says:

    I’ll take my 2004 SL600 Maybach… the only thing that could beat it in the day was the Ford GT — It’s truly a sneaker…

  • Ryan Coscia says:

    Paint it pink..
    I’ll still want it


  • Louie Bantis says:

    I would rather buy a brand new 911 turbo S. For a fraction of the cost of this crap!

  • Don C says:

    Wow! I’ve driven a couple. Mainly in Europe and have had the chance to purchase for under $10k

    Never thought the demand would escalate so quickly

    Nice car and very quick. But $$$$$???!!

  • P_J says:

    Love Hagerty, but gotta question your interest in quality journalism. 300 horsepower out of a 3 liter engine is NOTHING to be impressed by, especially with a freakin turbo. 100hp per liter on pump gas with na is common place with euro cars, and not hard to do, even in the 90s. Rare, yes. Impressive, no.

  • Vafa Fouroohi says:

    Porsche only made less than twenty 968 Turbo S and 968 Turbo RS. That means rarity and collectibility. The price paid with auction fees is about US$824,000. It’s a financial investment which will appreciate in years to come and the rate of return is surprising good. Same car could have been purchased for about US$100,000 to US$200,000 ten years ago! Smart investors with financial means will continue to buy unique assets with important history.

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