The Bid is Right

What's the magic number for this six-wheeled, Brabus-tuned G63 AMG?

by Grady Eger
18 December 2021 3 min read
Photo by Courtesy Bring a Trailer/silverarrowcarsltd

**Congratulations to contest winner Tristen Johnson, of Wapwallopen, Pennsylvania. He owns a 1976 Chevrolet Corvette, which was handed down to him from his grandfather.**

If you’ve been following the auction scene of late, then you’re aware things are kind of nuts right now. Thanks to the continued growth of online selling platforms, classic cars are being bid on at an unprecedented pace. Insider has lots of thoughts about this phenomenon—you can find some here and herebut perhaps the most important one is that it’s fun. Who doesn’t like seeing amazing classics trotted out day in and day out, and who doesn’t like guessing just how much they’ll go for?

In the spirit of fun, we’re introducing a new contest. We’re calling it, The Bid is Right. The premise is simple and should be familiar to anyone who has watched daytime TV in the last few decades: The person who guesses closest to the final bid—without going over—wins.

Oh, and did we mention we’re giving out $500 to the winner? Yes, we take fun pretty seriously.

With no further ado, we present this week’s contest. Submit your guess in the comments section below no later than December 22, at 2 pm EST (24 hours before the auction officially closes—that’s right, no sniping!).

The Vehicle: 2014 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 Brabus B63S-700, for sale on Bring a Trailer

Our Take: Numbers matter in the car world, and 6 is indeed greater than 4. There really aren’t many six-wheelers out on the road, and that’s just one of the reasons why AMG’s desert-running, rock-climbing, continent-conquering behemoth that is such a spectacular thing. When this 2014 G63 6×6 popped up on Bring a Trailer, we couldn’t help but take notice. It’s impossible to miss.

The G63 6×6 first made headlines back in 2013, mostly with its radical 6-wheel design but also thanks to its monstrous 530-hp twin-turbo V-8 AMG heart, as well as its incredible capability as it sailed over terrain and through the air with countless journalists at the wheel. It’s also packed with all the comfort and convenience of an executive luxury car, so it’s perfect for someone who wants to tackle the Sahara but also wants to make sure the cooled seats are working at all times.

An amazing truck, then, but this one isn’t just any old 6×6. It has the “B63S-700” package cooked up by the brains at Brabus, the German tuner known for taking existing Mercedes and AMG models and turning them up to 11. The Brabus 6×6 makes an even crazier 700hp and adds some carbon fiber body trim, extra LED lighting, and quilted leather for the seats.

How does this all relate to value? Well, the 6×6 has always been exclusive, originally priced at over $500,000 and with production barely exceeding 100 units. The Brabus add-ons only boosted the price higher, and it appears the 6×6 is one of those limited-production vehicles that never really depreciates and instead becomes an instant collectible. On the rare occasion that they do pop up for sale, even “regular” G63 AMG 6x6s have seven-figure asking prices.

So where do you think the hammer will fall on this one? Put your guess in the comments, below.

More ground rules:

  • The commenter who guesses closest to the hammer price—without going over—wins. (Hammer price excludes auction house fees).
  • One guess per commenter.
  • If two people guess the same amount (within a dollar) the earlier guess wins.
  • Commenters must provide first and last name in addition to email address.
  • We will close the guessing on Wednesday, December 22 at 2 pm.
  • Your privacy is important to us, and we’ll never sell your information.  By providing your email you will receive the weekly Insider newsletter, and you can opt out at any time.
  • You can read the full rules here.

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