Déjà Vu: Another Midnight Purple Nissan GT-R tests the red hot market

by Josh Bernstein
12 July 2021 1 min read
Photo by Bring a Trailer

The car: 1999 Nissan GT-R V-Spec, offered on Bring a Trailer

Hagerty Price Guide ValueCondition #1: $355,000 / Condition #2: $248,000 / Condition #3: $150,000 / Condition #4: $110,800

Feeling déjà vu? So are we. Just a few weeks ago a Midnight Purple II 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R sold for more than $300k on Bring a Trailer. Now here we are talking about a Midnight Purple 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R for sale on—you guessed it—Bring a Trailer.

We’re not, however, all that surprised. We’ve been predicting for some time that the R34-generation (1999–02) GT-R would be the hottest of them all when it became legal for import to the United States. That’s proving true, just a bit early. The previous Bring a Trailer sale, at $320,187, was an auction record for GT-Rs in the United States. Meanwhile, back in Japan, a 2002 GT-R in a rarer trim brought more than $500k, a new worldwide record. (For a detailed breakdown of GT-R trims, and for more on what makes them appealing in the first place, read our Market Spotlight).

High sales naturally tend to bring more cars out of the woodwork. That’s happening in the Viper market, which is also red hot, and it’s now happening here. Which brings us to this week’s R34. Like the previous Bring a Trailer car, it is legal in the United States under a show-and-display title, meaning it cannot be driven more than 2500 miles per year. It was imported from Canada in January 2020 after being brought over from Japan in 2015. The odometer shows just 25k kilometers (~15k miles)—lower than the previous BaT GT-R—and the car appears to be entirely original and unmodified.

As of this writing, bidding sits at $235,567. Given today’s market, where do you see the hammer falling on this R34 GT-R?

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