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What will this Ferrari 330 GTC go for?

by Joshua Bernstein
16 May 2021 2 min read

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that Insider staff devote an inordinate amount of our day to sharing cars for sale and guessing what they’ll go for. We thought we might as well bring you in on the fun. Here’s one we’re watching this week.

The car: 1968 Ferrari 330 GTC, chassis no. 11449, offered on Bring a Trailer.

Hagerty Price Guide Value: Condition #1 $585,000 / Condition #2: $540,000 / Condition #3 $500,000 / Condition #4 $468,000

Our take: Jaw-droppingly beautiful, rapid, and famous for its ability to inspire driver confidence—Phil Hill described it as the best-driving Ferrari road car ever made—the 1966–68 330 GTC may be the textbook grand tourer. The going rate for one reflects that. That said, Ferrari collectors are a notoriously pedantic bunch and have only become more so as the market has leveled off from highs a half decade ago. Documentation and originality down to the hose clips are expected for top dollar.

Given all that—and the simple facts that they’re now 50+ years old and expensive to fix—330 GTCs seem like awfully difficult cars to buy over the internet. Yet several people have done so in the past year. Bring a Trailer sold one, described as a “project,” for $484,000 last July and another, in November, for our price guide’s concours-level value ($585,000). We’ve also seen a few pop up at RM Sotheby’s and Gooding & Company’s online sales.

Which brings us to this particular 1968 330 GTC being offered on Bring a Trailer and closing on May 19th, 2021. One of roughly 600 built, this car was originally sold in Milan and was subsequently imported to the United States in 1968. It won best in class at the 2016 Santa Fe Concours d’Elegance and participated in several road rallies. With 55,000 indicated chassis miles, this car has been driven and enjoyed, but also appears to have been looked after with plenty of service records including a complete engine rebuild in late 2006 and belt-and-gasket service in 2018. This 330 also comes with a full report by Marcel Massini who is—to use a Jeremy Clarkson term—the anorak to end all anoraks when it comes to documenting vintage Ferraris. The stamping on the chassis and engine indicate that they correspond to one another and are original to the car, but the paint and interior upholstery are not. 

Overall, this appears to be a strong example with a relatively complete history and a little bit of provenance thrown in for good measure. Currently sitting at $350,000 with 6 days of bidding left, where do you see the hammer falling on this almost perfect 330 GTC?

1968 ferrari 330_gtc
1968 ferrari 330_gtc
1968 ferrari 330_gtc
1968 ferrari 330_gtc
1968 ferrari 330_gtc
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  • Henk de Vries says:

    I bought the 330GTC at Gooding this January. A friend from CA inspected the car for me, confirmed fine condition. It just arrived in Europe this week. I paid $465 pre-commission, transport and import duty. A bit more than my self-imposed $430 limit… oh well, it is a nice one. After a thorough inspection upon arrival, as expected the car needs some work, new headlights (sealed beam😳?), brake lines, fuel pump (modern type installed), and some re-wiring to pass MOT.
    This one chassis 11449 looks very nice indeed. My 11205 is probably a little better. My bet is that it will go for 450-500 US$, which would also confirm that I did wel… I will start following this one!

  • Jim Rosenthal says:

    650,000, in the current hot market, for this well-documented car- perhaps more. I would be surprised at anything less.

  • Tom Claridge says:


  • Bill Penny says:

    Did it ever occur to anyone at Hagerty that an on-line discussion about value DURING a live auction is not appropriate?

  • David Zenlea says:

    Hi, Bill. Thanks for the comment. We have, for years, commented on cars headed for sale at major live auctions. As online auctions become an ever-bigger part of the market, we’re striving to cover them in realtime and help readers parse what matters (and, yes, have a little fun talking about cars). Our decisions on what to call out are, as always, independent editorial judgements. You can be assured our comments on vehicles will also be independent and measured in nature.

  • David Zenlea says:

    Looks like @Tom Claridge was closest, as it sold for $575,000. That’s close to our price guide’s condition #1 value and more confirmation, if we needed it, that people are willing to pay real money for vintage Ferraris offered online.

  • Henry Hamilton says:

    I have a 1967 GTC CREAM
    6670 original miles
    Just below concourse condition
    For sale at $700,000.00

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