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Are classic car owners loyal to their brand when it comes to new car purchases?

by John Wiley
21 October 2022 2 min read
Photo by Ford

We all know that car collectors can be a fiercely brand-loyal bunch: just ask any vintage Mustang owner what they think of Camaros. Yet we wondered to what extent, if any, this carries over to new car purchases. Hagerty policy data provides some answers. In order to insure an enthusiast vehicle with us, an owner needs to state what car they use as a daily driver. The daily driver doesn’t need to be a new car—but very often it is. Using our policy data that listed a 2018+ daily driver, we sorted those to identify the most popular enthusiast vehicle for each. To zoom in on the brand loyalty question, we only considered people with one classic vehicle on their Hagerty policy (because, naturally, someone with 50-cars might have say, a Ford and a Chevy).

The most popular new vehicles overall shouldn’t surprise anyone—pickups, crossovers, SUVS.

The most popular luxury vehicles are the Cadillac Escalade, followed by the BMW X5, Audi Q7, Cadillac XT5, and Volvo XC90. While not in sequence, they all slot between the top 40 and 55 daily-use vehicles.

Now, let's look at brand loyalty. Turns out, Chevrolets really like to travel together. Here are the top classic vehicles for people whose daily driver is a new Chevrolet Silverado:

  1. 1968-1982 Chevrolet Corvette C3
  2. 1967-1969 Chevrolet Camaro
  3. 1968-1972 Chevrolet Chevelle
  4. 1967-1972 Chevrolet C/K Series Pickup
  5. 1955-1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

Blue Oval folks are more willing to cross enemy lines. For the Ford F-Series, the top five are

  1. 1966-1977 Ford Bronco
  2. 1968-1982 Chevrolet Corvette C3
  3. 1967-1969 Chevrolet Camaro
  4. 1965-1966 Ford Mustang
  5. 1967-1972 Chevrolet C/K Series Pickup

The least loyal, surprisingly, are Ram truck owners, as the top 5 are

  1. 1967-1972 Chevrolet C/K Series Pickup
  2. 1965-1966 Ford Mustang
  3. 1967-1969 Chevrolet Camaro
  4. 1968-1972 Chevrolet Chevelle
  5. 1984-1996 Chevrolet Corvette C4

An important caveat here is that there simply are more old Camaros, Mustangs, and Corvettes floating around than there are Barracudas, vintage Chargers, and Road Runners.

Chevrolet truck and muscle cars

Although most enthusiasts seem quite practical when it comes to their new car purchases, a good number list what many would consider an enthusiast vehicle as their daily driver. New Porsche 911s are common, but so are the Audi RS5 and the BMW M5. If that’s their everyday wheels, what is the Sunday driver?

Among people driving a new Porsche 911 every day, many have another 911 (Carrera 3.2, 993, or even a 912) as their other car. In some cases, a W113 Mercedes-Benz SL is the second car, but in other cases, the E39 BMW M5 is their weekend ride. Or even an R32 Nissan Skyline.

Miata is Always the Answer, but what if it is just half of the answer? And which half? Among those that keep a newer Miata as their occasional use vehicle, almost nobody has just two vehicles. For the few that daily a newer Miata, the occasional use vehicle is often a vintage British sports car. For many, it seems the answer is either only a Miata, or it is less than half of the solution.

Among folks that ride a newer Harley-Davidson or BMW motorcycle every day, the second vehicle is often a vintage muscle car or vintage truck.

So, what is your ideal two-vehicle garage? Silverado and '70 Chevelle? F-150 and a ‘66 Mustang? Porsche 911 and (whisper it) a manual transmission BMW M5? Harley-Davidson and a '79 Camaro? Leave your picks in a comment below.


  • Jim says:

    2008 Silverado and 2015 zl1 Camaro

  • Rob Costello says:

    1947 MG TC and 2018 BMW 540i M Sport

  • Warren says:

    I’m a Ford guy with a 1965 Mercury Comet Caliente, and a 2005 Mustang GT.
    Daily drivers: 2019 F150 and a 2015 Lexus ES350.
    And a 2004 Harley Davidson Road King.

  • Phil says:

    If I had to pick just two vehicles out of my stable, they would be my 1998 Land Rover Discovery 1 as my daily, and my 1992 Westfield Super 7 as the fun car, which it most definitely is. I live in Canada, so that rules out driving either my 1972 MGB GT or my 1967 Chevy C10 as year round dailies, as neither are suitable winter vehicles. Up here, everyone needs at least one POS winter beater. Cheers!

    • Calvin says:

      I love my 1970 Firebird. Makes me smile every time I drive it.

    • Chris Hoyt says:

      Growing up in Michigan and Minnesota I definitely agree on the POS Winter beater. My Dad always had a POS and enjoyed his fun cars spring through fall.
      I’m lucky, living in Arizona now and enjoy the hobby year round.

  • Marvin Bok says:

    Ford Expedition, 2007 Shelby Mustang GT 500 and a 39 Ford Deluxe Convertible Street Rod

  • Bob Paczynski says:

    1961 Corvette convertible and 2012 Mercedes E550. They complement each other nicely … each has what the other doesn’t. 😎

  • Bill Traeger says:

    I don’t own a stable but I do love my 2019 Ram and love of my life (wife) a 69 Road Runner

  • Edward Greenberg says:

    Own a 68 Cougar and an 03 Accord. Cougar has 133 k and is mint. Accord has 200k. If Cougar goes first I buy another Cougar if Accord goes first I buy another Accord.

  • Jim Ayres says:

    I love the Lincoln brand! A 2015 MKZ is my daily, and my collectors are 1964 Lincoln convertible, 1988 Lincoln Mark VII, and 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII.

  • Bob Smith says:

    I am a serious Ford fan being the original owner of both a 1970 Mach 1 Mustang and a 1983 Mustang GLX convertible. My daily driver is a 1997 F150. I am carefully searching for a 1955-1957 Tbird. The “family car” is a 2009 Chrysler minivan. Being a Ford lover, I would really WANT to like the new Mustangs, but I cannot get past what I consider a butt ugly body. Therefore, I would buy a new Dodge Challenger if I were in the market.

  • ecuriekansas says:

    We use a Lexus CT200 to balance out the C4 (with an RX for winter and haulage).

  • Don says:

    My daily driver is a 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Along side of it is a 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat I’ve had for 7 years. For as long as I’m looking down at the grass, and not up at it, the Hellcat will be NFS!!

  • Carlos says:

    My views on cars have changed over the years, but I always seem to comeback to a classic Pontiac GTO and a Porsche 911 GT3.

  • Mario says:

    My stable includes my favourite cars 1979 Porsche 930 Turbo and my first car ever purchased a 1976 Triumph TR6.
    Daily driver is a 2015 Mercedes E 250 diesel.

  • Gilles Beaudoin says:

    My daily is a 2004 F350 , my evening car 63 falcon convertible my Sunday cruise 66 t- bird

  • Don F. says:

    My daily driver is a 2010 sst Camaro, the other a 2022 Subaru crosstreck.

  • Gerald Faulconer says:

    RR 2016 supercharger 119,000 miles every day best RR I have every owned week end car MB AMG GTR

  • Chris says:

    I have six collector cars, if I had to choose a daily driver and a fun car, my daily driver would be a 2002 Silverado, and my fun car would be my 1969 Charger (General Lee).

  • Ray Ashenhurst says:

    I’ve owned my 1963 Porsche 356B for over 55 years so I have had a few daily drivers along the way to becoming the “Old Man” at car shows and rallies. Picking what I feel are the top two are both SUVs. A Ford Explorer and a Porsche Cayenne. They both compliment the small sports-car weekend driver by providing more room for family, hauling stuff to the dump, grocery shopping and errand running. Things you either can’t or don’t or shouldn’t want to do in the little Porsche. Of course, I feel the Cayenne is the best companion to the 356. Brand loyalty is part of Porsche’s and others marketing strategy. It works and is not a bad thing.

  • Dennis H says:

    Two would be tough.

    Preface: an Avalanche Z71, TJ Rubicon, 65 Fastback and a 912E (plus my wife’s and various bikes). Never intended to caretake all at once but they are inexpensive to own and very easy to enjoy and wrench on pretty equally for what they give back.

    But as to the question:

    1. A heavily depreciated Highland Green and tan 2021-22 C8 (so that probably may never happen)
    2. A hybrid 4WD Maverick (if they ever and probably will build one by 2024)

    …or, I keep it very simple and just get a low mileage Miata C, keep the truck and change it all up.

    Ha! Good problems.

  • Rick L. says:

    Maybe it is a bad analogy, however many who own classic sports cars or muscle cars, are, eh, of the bigger stature then when the cars were new, so many at cars and coffees or car shows really limit their usage and many tend to have big SUV’s or Trucks that they can comfortably fit their expanded frames in. Keep in mind the average male in 1965 weighed 150 pounds and now the average male is over 200 pounds. So do they really have an attachment to a specific marque, or is merely what fits (no pun intended) their physical needs?

  • George says:

    This is Anti-Mopar Fake News!!!

    • John Dreibelbis says:

      I agree how did the polling lose us Mopar loyalists! A big engine Plymouth was my first car and likely Mopar will be my last vehicle. I started out at 170 lbs and i am still at that 170 so I fit into cars and trucks… and don’t slow them down. LOL.

      • Robert J. says:

        Mopar or no car!!! Pacifica is the ONLY “car” that can haul a fully assembled MPV trike!

      • Frank H says:

        My Daily Driver is a 2010 Ram 1500 ST and my Classic is a 1969 Dodge Dart Custom. I guess the MOPAR guys don’t have Hagerty insurance

  • James Fidanza says:

    My two week end cars are a Lexus IS250C and Mustang GT convertible
    Daily drivers Lincoln MKT and Lexus 300H

  • Dave Johnson says:

    Daily drivers; 2020Land Rover Defender, 2009 Ford F150
    Classics 2001 Ruf RGT, 1973 BMW 2002, 1968 MBZ 280SL
    German cars have always been my passion. My 2015 Audi A6 is now with my granddaughter in college.
    The F150 is standard cab with 8 foot bed for hauling stuff.
    I live close to Yosemite so the Defender is a beast in the snow.

  • Ken Sousa says:

    My daily driver is my ’95 Ford Bronco XLT. Because I’m an old guy and don’t drive much, the CA gasoline prices, the truck mileage and the 32 gallon tank haven’t made a big problem for me. My other two cars are a ’69 Mustang convertible and an ’09 Corvette C6. The Vette was my DD until I bought the Bronco about four years ago.

    • Frank H says:

      My Daily Driver is a 2.010 Ram 1500 ST and my Classic is a 1969 Dodge Dart Custom. I guess the MOPAR guys don’t have Hagerty insurance

  • Conard Galloway says:

    My driver is a 2018 Tahoe RST version. My 1966 corvette coup with factory air is my fun car. I have owned this car since June 1968 and is an original numbers matching 327 four speed with side pipes.

  • Dennis Benton Jr says:

    My daily driver is a 2014 Ram 1500 Express edition and my classic is a 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS.

  • WayneT says:

    Jeep Grand Cherokee is my daily drive. My 2003 Anniversary edition Corvette convertible is my classic periodic drive during the warm sunny weather.

  • Dan O’Brien says:

    Mine are two GM landmark vehicles; 2012 Chevy Volt and 1966 Olds Toronado.

    • Dan O’Brien says:

      Further, they are both first model year examples as the Volt wasn’t sold in Canada (where I live) during the 2011 cycle and are also both Motor Trend cars of the year. The fuel I save with the Volt as my daily driver allows me to indulge myself with the Toronado as a toy.

  • Mark B Rohrer says:

    My daily driver is a 2016 Shelby GT350 perfect blend of straight line performance, handling and beauty. For special times a 2000 Viper can’t be beat and for solo thrills I have a 2018 Harley-Davidson Sportster 48 Special, soon to be ever more rare since Harley pulled the plug on air-cooled Sportster after 65 years!

  • Michael Schneider says:

    73 Stroppe Baja Bronco, 82 Mustang GT set up for open track events, and we just picked up a 2021 Mach 1 HP from an insurance auction that my son and I are putting back together. I’m currently a Ford F-150 program manager so of course the garage is full of Ford products and drive an F150. However growing up in a GM family I do have a slight twitch to build a 68 Camaro but don’t tell anyone…

  • Jim Barnhart says:

    Daily driver is a 2017 Acura RDX. In the garage is a 1969 Corvette T Top

  • Mark L Bedel says:

    Well< must confess that even as a big Mustang fan…my brother, father and uncle have owned 13 between us…and I currently have "A" titled 1985 GT H.O. and a 2017 GT/PP with lots of suspension mods, my daily is a 2106 Focus ST. I can still have lots of driving enjoyment, get great mileage, and for those occasionally awkward shopping trips, the hatchback will swallow a 10 feet long 2" x 4" or whatever. No need for compromise with a pickup or SUV. If I need one of these…I'll rent one.

  • Joe E says:

    02 Trans Am and 2021 GMC acadia at4

  • Dr. Seldom B. Overboost says:

    I’m retired (finally) and moved to Florida so they’re all fun cars! Supercharged C-3 Corvette, 1936 Ford Pickup, 2014 Ram quad cab duallie extended bed, E-450 Minnie Winnie.

  • Beach says:

    I see no statically relevance between classics and household automobiles. My 62 Vet and 51 Mercury Woody don’t relate to my Lexus GX.

  • Stephen Abbate says:

    2015 srx daily driver and a c4 and c6 for spirited driving. The wife’s slc300Benz retractable hardtop is fun too in it’s own way.

  • Jim Nowlin says:

    I claim three as my “go-to’s”! A 560hp 1973 DeTomaso Pantera, a 2009 BMW 650I convertible and a 2016 Toyota Tacoma. These pretty much cover anything I want to do.

  • Ron says:

    I’m a Ford-Chevy driver while my wife is a Chevy-Ford driver. My summer drive is a ’12 Mustang GT500 conversion while winter time is ’02 GMC Yukon. Wife prefers her ’21 Blazer daily and ’66 Galaxie 500 for fun.

  • Malcolm Novar says:

    My daily driver is a 2000 Jeep Cherokee and my special car is a 1985 C4 Corvette (red)….

  • Russ Boyett says:

    My daily is a 2016 Golf TSI 5 speed and my fun one is a 1992 C4 6 speed convertible. Sometimes I almost think that the Golf is as much fun to drive as the Corvette. Go figure??? The Golf is light and fairly agile and the turbo 1.8 gives it decent get up and go. Plus the 30+ MPG is a bonus. I’ve owned over 100 vehicles in my 70+ years and have never been so loyal to any one brand that I wouldn’t consider or own other makes.

  • Wheeler says:

    I think I have the perfect 2 car garage. A 2017 GTI 6 speed paired with a 2017 Mustang GT C/S convertible.

  • John Hardee says:

    I on a 1972 LTD Conv. 1970 Torino Cobra, and 1973 Mustang Conv. my daily drivers are 2013 Ford Escape and a 2016 F-150 with a Cayote motor I am 100% Ford My drive is for Ford parking only all others park streetside.

  • Toivo Kask says:

    03 Mercedes S600 AMG; 87 BMW 325i convertible; 73 Mercedes 450 SL C. DD is 18 Mercedes GLS 450. Agewise above 70!

  • Art "Roadwolf" Jones says:

    1972 Mustang Mach 1, 2005 Mustang conv., 2003 Yamaha Vstar, 2020 Ford F150 4×4 (Lifted 6″), 2021 Ford Escape SEL. You can guess the 2 daily

  • Tom Brollini says:

    Daily driver & grocery gitter for wife (me 2 sometimes) would be 2000 Vette with a 08 Dodge Ram as rainy dayer or feed gitter! Depending on what’s running, my driver would be 96 Collectors Vette, with 68 Mustang restomod convertible & 80 MG for just for fun driving. Been looking at getting a new AWD vehicle, most likely another Subaru.

  • Carl P says:

    Daily 2021 Chevy Tahoe Premier 1971 Corvette LS 5 454 and 1985 Corvette L98

  • Robert W says:

    My classics are constantly changing, at last count I think I’ve owned 12 different brands. But my everyday car is a simple choice — the most reliable vehicle I can find. For the last 21 years, I’ve owned 2 Toyota Sequoias. I bought the first one when they first came out in 2001, 190K miles later, I traded it in (yes, I got good trade $$ too!!) for my current 2010 which now has 235K miles on it. Between the two, I may have spent $500 in repairs beyond normal wear items (brakes, tires, fluids, belts). My classics can be “needy” – my dailies need to be mindless.

  • Bruce Kent says:

    My daily driver is a 2011 Ford F250 and my stable is a 1992 Maxton Rollerskate, a 2013 2SS Camaro, and a 2018 Honda Goldwing.

  • Eric F Peterson says:

    For anyone still reading all the way down here (lots of comments!)… My daily is a 2018 5.0 Mustang. My car insured with Hagerty is a 1982 Mustang 5.0 GLX. I bought it new in Denver the day I graduated from the Colorado School of Mines. Mustang loyalty here that is not shown in the data above. They’re both black.

  • Randy B. says:

    A 2018 Toyota tacoma TRD Off Road and a 1979 Mazda RX-7

  • Steve Barta says:

    Ford Ranger pickup, 2018 Dodge Charger, 1968 Barracuda 340 notchback.

  • kevin b says:

    my daily driver is between a Ford Focus and a Ford F150. fun cars are a 2006 Mustang GT supercharged, and 1946 Ford 1/2 ton pickup truck and a 1964 Dodge Polara 500 with a 426 CI wedge.

  • Rick Lyon says:

    2020 Chevrolet HD 2500 and 2023 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

  • Ashley Waite says:

    My classic car is a 1957 Chevy 210, 2 dr. Restomod.
    My daily driver is a 2019 Lexus NX300. Turnkey, just start and drive. Not like my Chevy. Good condition, just not as dependable. 🚘

  • Edward Joned says:

    1991 SL500
    Daily GLK 350
    12 years Olds

  • Don Homuth says:

    1966 Corvair Corsa convertible and 1999 GMC Yukon

  • Brian ConneranWeig says:

    My daily driver is a 2017 Honda Accord Touring V6. It could probably kick my 1988 Tran Am’s tail in a quarter mile, but the TA has the torque to really light em up! Always wanted a TA and now I have one in really good shape. Life is good!

  • Dave Bianchini says:

    2018 Ford Raptor as Daily driver, 35 Packard Std 8 4dr convertible for fun and show. Or 76 Bronco for bumping around and 61 Nash metropolitan for economy cruising. Lexus R350 for the with. Or the 00′ F350 w/320k to tow the enclosed trailer. But the best for long distance drives is the Newell coach with 15L Cat. I’m a old man brain in a young man’s body.

  • Adam Schwoebel says:

    I daily drive a ’17 Chevy Impala LT and have a ’98 Chevy Camaro Z28 Convertible for fun.

  • Patrick H Plankenhorn says:

    I’ve always been a Ford guy.
    Daily – 2021 F150 Super Crew
    Toy – 2008 supercharged Mustang Saleen
    Other toy – 1940 Ford Coupe Deluxe Street Rod

  • G Fredenburg says:

    69 Camaro and 2015 Challenger R/T Shaker

  • Thomas Burgeson says:

    17 Buick Regal GS, 64 Buick Skylark ragtop, 50 year old T bucket hot rod, (Buick powered) and a ’68 C10 P/U (under construction)

  • Bill Langhorst says:

    2017 Subaru Outback, 2012 Corvette and 1995 Harley Fatboy. Lucky we get over 300 days of sunshine so the Vette and Harlet get much more than Sunday drives.

  • Randy M.B. Vette says:

    1972 Corvette T-Top coupe and a 2021 Mercedes GLC 300 SUV. The perfect single guy garage is an SUV (or pickup truck) with a vintage sports/muscle car (or bike)! Work and play together in one garage.

  • MBR2000 says:

    1969 Chevy C10 pickup and 2016 Mustang GT.

  • Brian Stack says:

    Mopar or no car. Have serevral 1970 and 1971 Plymouuth Cudas, drive a Dodge Ram for daily driver

  • Russel Baer says:

    91 Miata, 19 WRX.

  • Gayle H Michener says:

    Daily driver: ’16 Mazda 3s grand Touring hatchw/6spmanual; Occasional car: ’68 Camaro convert; ’03 Corvette convert; ’95 Z-28 Camaro convert,
    All manuals. Save the Manuals!

  • Gladstone Sellers says:

    71 Triumph Stag and 2016 Mercedes E350. Polar opposites, but each is enjoyable for its own reason.

  • Mark McNearney says:

    2005 911 Carrera and 1969 VW Type II Westy, daily driver is 2016 Silverado. The Porsche and the VW are in the garage.

  • Serge Small says:

    I have a 1972 Porsche 911 T being repaired as we speak, and a 1975 Lancia Fulvia 1.3S. Both are really fun cars to drive. My daily driver is a 2017 Volvo S60 with the Polestar Engineering package installed.

  • Tom Egan says:

    2019 Silverado LTZ 6.2 and a stable of 20 horses, all of the hi performance Mustangs from 1965-1970: Shelbys, Cobra Jets, Mach 1s, Bosses.

  • Gary Bechtold says:

    While I am a bit loyal to to Toyota/Lexus branded cars I am open to many other cars. I love Porsche, Corvette, V8 Mustang’s, etc. and could gladly own one of these cars.

  • Jason B says:

    Rolling with a 2022 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 and 1963 1/2 Ford Galaxie 500 XL fastback.

  • Eighthtry says:

    61 Chevrolet Apache (not politically correct) 10

    2018 Z07

  • julius says:

    someone top this….
    Me…..’70 442conv indy pace car/’17 Audi Q7
    son#1…’72 Cutlass,’86 442/’16 Ram1500
    son#2…,70 OLDS RALLY 350/’22 HYUNDAI NEXO (FUEL CELL)
    son#3…..,’72 OLDSCutlass/’17 Toyota Camry hybrid
    Notwithstanding that OLDS is a “fallen flag, where did I go wrong??

  • Allan V says:

    Dailies; Expedition, Fusion Hybrid, Lincoln MKS.
    Toys; 98 Lincoln MKVIII, 05 Honda VFR800

    Mostly loyal. Fusion may have to be replaced with a Honda/Toyota, seeing as Ford doesn’t make anything other than “Mustangs” now.

  • Dan Meisenhelder says:

    2009 BMW 128i and 1966 Porsche 912

  • Sharon M. says:

    F-150 Sport and 1969 Mustang Mach 1

  • Roland Walters says:

    Started out at 21 with a new 1965 MGB while in the Navy in Scotland and since then have had a bevy of sports cars and sports sedans and now at 78 have a 2004 MADZASPEED I enjoy with a Miata Club and a Mazda CX-5 Signature series for every day!

  • Rafael Apodaca says:

    2010 2500 HD Z71 and 2019 dodge challenger are daily drivers love both vehicles.

  • Suzanne Munro Gubbings says:

    Yes! I love American cars! Olds…#1, Buicks..#2!!

  • ALLAN says:

    my everyday car is a 2011 impala as i work for GM, BUT my stable contains all MOPARS. the cream of the crop, a 2018 SRT DEMON… born bred and raised on mopar money

  • Mac says:

    Sheesh!! Wish I could afford even one of you guy’s “winter beaters”!!

    I’m a broke guy, but still brand loyal!

    ’72 AMC Javelin for nice summer weekends…
    ’82 AMC Eagle SX/4 for year round daily driver… (Absolutely amazing in the snow!! Perfect for Canadian winters!! LOL!)

  • Joel says:

    I crossed over a few times. Using my 2012 F-150 and my wife’s 2016 Lexus Hybrid as daily drivers. My sole classic is a 1986 El Camino.

  • Mike Milburn says:

    My daily driver is a 2018 Ram 1500 Longhorn edition. My wife has a 2019 Mustang and we have a ’55 Chevy 210. We love all kinds of cars and aren’t really loyal to anything. I would like to have a 65-69 mustang fastback or a 60’s era Cuda but we just like cool old cars.

  • Chris Hoyt says:

    2008 Bullitt in Highland Green and 1976 BMW R90/6 are my daily 4 wheel and 2 wheel drivers.

  • Brian Nix says:

    1970 Vitamn C Orange Road Runner and a 2018 Charger R/T, in Plum Crazy Purple, of course!

  • Jay DeLuca says:

    My daily is a 2021 Durango Hellcat. My fair weather vehicle is a 2018 Corvette Grand Sport. My occasional is our 1973 Trans Am pro touring car.

  • Gred says:

    In my garage I have a restored single family owned 57 Tbird and 3 Harleys, outside I have an 02 Chev Avalanche (bought new), 04 Honda s2000 & a Nissan Xterra, & a 97 V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee, so you know where my motorcycle loyalty is, vehicles not so much

  • Steve D says:

    2016 F150, 1966 Mustang Fastback and a 2015 Mustang GT – typical Ford guy

  • Darryl says:

    Daily driver is my 2019 Audi Q8, classic is a 1969 Mach 1 with a 427 that is hard not to spin the tires and put a big smile on my face at every light, and I love driving my 2020 Indian Challenger in the summer as well!

  • MILTON says:

    2016 Chevy Colorado & 1989 Chevy Camaro

  • Lee Houde says:

    2007 (new body style) Silverado and 1985 C4 Corvette

  • Larry says:

    My daily driver since 2014 is a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country. I am told they are terrible…..huh.
    My toy is a 1968 GT500KR 4 speed with AC. It was my Dad’s. Driven and enjoyed since 1979. 1 blown engine, 2 fender benders, and even survived a garage fire! It cannot be stopped.

  • Chuck says:

    Insurance poor; but thru and thru, bleed Ford Blue! 1976 F-250 High boy (my work horse, owned for 37 yrs), 1950 F1, 1969 Mustang CJ w/4spd (just purchased my dream car), 1978 Mustang 4spd King Cobra, 1995 Escort GT w/366,000 miles w/original clutch (my $ maker) and Wife’s 2016 F150 Platinum. She does have a 2011 Honda Accord also. (can’t win’em all). And I just sold 1968 Mustang convertible (to get my dream car). Oh, and can’t forget Ford 4000SU tractor!! Yeah, I’m a Ford guy!!

  • Randall says:

    2022 Hyundai Elantra N and a 2021 Porsche Boxster.

  • Bill says:

    My own observation says there are a lot more Jeeps on the road here in Long Island, NY than anything else. Don’t know how that stacks up with your numbers. But I see 4 to 5 Jeeps for any other car on the road.

  • John Tad says:

    I have a 1974 Porsche 911 and daily a 2001 F150

  • Mike Healy says:

    56 DeSoto Firedome, 69 Barracuda convertible, 22 Challenger (just replaced the 2012 Challenger at 205K miles). Wife’s 2012 was just totaled.

  • Tom Bartlett says:

    1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 2dr HT, Everyday driver is a 2016 Colorado, My wife drives a 2018 Equinox. My kids drive Hondas and a Mini Cooper….. Yikes!!

  • Dale Dewald says:

    My modern daily driver is a 2018 RAM 3500 Tradesman, Cummins, G56 6-speed and classic a 1965 Corvair Greenbrier 110/4-speed. For my wife; a 2019 Jeep Compass 6-speed and her 1965 Corvair Monza 110/4-speed. The winter beaters are a 2001 Dodge 2500 Cummins 6-speed (plow truck) and wife’s 2004 Jeep Liberty 2.4L/6-speed. No automatic daily drivers in this household.

  • Josh B says:

    2011 Chevy Cruze Eco (manual of course) daily and 2 3rd Gen Camaros (1 manual and 1 auto, probably to be switched to manual before long).

  • Mike W says:

    Daily is 2006 Ram 1500 Quad cab and 73 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus with factory sunroof.
    Weekend is 71 Challenger R/T fresh restore
    Weather in AZ is mostly perfect year around so can drive Satellite mostly.

  • James Eaton says:

    How about a 1991 VW Vanagon Westfalia, and…. a 2015 VW Passat.

    I’m amused that Hagerty thinks a ‘daily driver’ should be less than six years old. We ‘old car’ fans know how to keep our daily drivers running more than five years…. after all, we have 30, 40, 70 year old cars too! (and some of us are ‘scrimping’ on the daily driver to afford the costs of the old classic.

  • Westy says:

    When I bought my Corvette C5 “Pewter Bullet” convertible, I was driving a 2010 Prius.

    It’s still my 50-mpg errand runner, but its rear window sports a set of aftermarket/off-spec C5 flags (bought for the Vette) with “THIS CAR IDENTIFIES AS A FAT, SLOW CORVETTE.”

    And the rear license-plate frame on the Vette says, “My other car is an ECO-WEENIE PRIUS.”

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