2010 Mosler MT900S

£166,750 ($207,053)
Sale Price
£150,000 - £200,000
Est. Range
16 April 2023
Sold Date
Lot Number
Auction House
Chassis no. SA9LM2XG36D105002; Engine no. K228450. Silver over gray. 5.7/435 Chevrolet LS6 V8, ZF 6-speed manual transaxle, carbon-fiber chassis, Wilwood brakes, OZ Racing wheels, air conditioning, power windows.

Evaluation: 9000 miles, two owners. Good paint generally with a few marks on the very low front lip spoiler. The panel fit is very haphazard and uneven, but may have been that way when new. Dusty door jambs and window channels. The wheels are slightly aged. There are some heel marks near the foot pedals. Original and honest condition.

Bottom Line: Based in Florida and founded by hedge fund manager Warren Mosler, Mosler Automotive started in the 1980s as Consulier Industries, which produced the capable and quick but butt-ugly mid-engined Consulier GTP. Built during the 2000s, the MT900 was the company’s main model but fewer than 100 race and road cars were completed. The MT900S was the street car, and the MT900 moniker stands for Mosler, Trenne (after designer Rod Trenne) and 900 kg (the car’s target weight). This one sold to the current owner for £70,940 ($107,176 at the time) at Goodwood 10 years ago, and that owner added about 2000 miles to it before bringing it to Goodwood 2023.

This is one of only a handful of Mosler road or race cars to ever sell at auction, but the looks like they did very well to buy this Corvette-powered supercar, put a few fun trips on it, and then double their money.

by Andrew Newton
26 May 2023
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