Sale Price
£200,000 - £250,000
Est. Range
16 December 2022
Sold Date
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Chassis no. 1FAFP90S25Y401284. Midnight Blue with white stripes over black. LHD. 330/550hp, 6-speed manual, BBS wheels, stereo.

Evaluation: Delivered new via Switzerland and has been UK registered since 2012. Came with standard wheels, but later upgraded to the optional BBSs. Represented with 12,700 miles from new, serviced and MoT’d for sale by marque specialists at GT101. Great paint with no blemishes. The exterior trim and glass are mint, too. The interior and wheels are clean, but the brake discs have surface corrosion on the inner bells. A clean interior too. High-ish miles for a GT but still a clean car.

Bottom Line: Ford screwed together over 4000 GTs in 2005-06 and low-mile examples are practically a guaranteed sight at big collector car auctions like Mecum and Barrett-Jackson, but the European market is another story. Just 101 were sold in Europe and there can’t be very many of those in the UK.

You might think such scarcity would push up demand on the other side of the pond. We see it all the time for rare foreign collector cars over here, but auction results indicate that there just isn’t as much demand over there for Ford’s retro supercar. This result is in the same neighborhood as other good GTs sold in the UK and Europe over the past few years, but to find one that cheap in this country you’d have to settle for a car with mods, high miles, or even accident history.

by Andrew Newton
23 December 2022
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