1999 Ferrari F355

Serie Fiorano Spider
Uniqueness before beauty?
Thursday, 22 September - Saturday, 24 September 2022
Sale Price
$100,000 - $140,000
Est. Range
24 September 2022
Sold Date
Lot Number
RM Sotheby's
Auction House
Chassis no. ZFFXR48A3X0116250. Rosso Corsa over tan leather. 3496/375hp, F1 gearbox, red calipers, Scuderia shields, Pirelli P Zero tires, suede-wrapped steering wheel, carbon fiber interior accents, books and tools.

Evaluation: Number 24 of 100 of these final series 355s produced with some cosmetic enhancements like a Challenge-style rear grille plus Fiorano steering and suspension, and cross-drilled rotors with Competizione pads. This one shows just 8656 miles. There are a few tiny chips on the nose but the paint mostly looks good. The wheels and brakes could be cleaned up. Light but visible wear on the driver’s seat and some smudges on the boot cover. Could be cleaner given the mileage but this is a rare-spec, collectible 355.

Bottom Line: The F355 is a fabulous but finnicky Ferrari that requires regular, often engine-out services and often suffers from the sticky switchgear endemic to Ferraris of this vintage. It’s not clear when this car’s last belt service was and despite low mileage that should raise some concern. But the bidders don’t appear to have factored in a five-figure shop bill here, or much else other than the bright red paint, limited production, and shrieking V8. This price is way above-estimate, and other Serie Fiorano cars sold recently have brought a lot closer to $100K than $200K.

by Andrew Newton
30 September 2022


  • Tristram Buckley says:

    Folks, other than the author perhaps, are realizing the F355 are far easier to live with than people are led to believe. An engine out service every 7 years works out to a little over $1k a year but unlike other cars, you’ll have an entirely serviced car! Try doing that on your Aston Martin or Porsche. Not so easy. These are the last of the Enzo era derived cars and the Fiorano is the best of the best with many key upgrades that make these cars nobrainer collector cars as well as probably the most fun Ferrari of all time to drive and one of the best sounding and looking Ferraris.

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