1997 Porsche 911

Turbo S Coupe
Sale Price
$260,000 - $320,000
Est. Range
13 August 2021
Sold Date
Lot Number
Unrestored original
Auction House
Chassis no. WP0AG2993V5376048. Blue with red and yellow stripes over dark blue leather with yellow stitching. 3601/424hp, 6-speed, Turbo Twist wheels, Pirelli P Zero tires, yellow calipers, sunroof, white face gauges with red bezels, power windows, factory CD stereo.

Evaluation: One of just 183 US market 993 Turbo Ss. Ex-Otis Chandler. Special order paint meant to evok Mark Donohue’s 917/30 Can-Am, and special order interior. Showing just 1689 miles. No major flaws in the paint but it’s lightly detail scratched. Small scrape on the left rear wheel. Lightly wrinkled driver’s seat but the rest of the interior looks great. Sharp colors, special order features, low mileage and a top spec model – all prime ingredients for a collectible Porsche. The only knock is that it has been on static display since 2006.

Bottom Line: The Turbo S is already among the rarest and most valuable 993 variant, and in the Porsche world special order bits can add up to a big premium. The Quail bidders, or two of them at least, ignored this car’s long-term dormancy and focused instead on the unique (and quite sharp, to be honest) paint scheme and interior as well as its extremely low mileage. The price is huge, twice its high estimate and twice what we would expect a standard 993 Turbo S out of long-term storage to sell for.

by Andrew Newton
1 September 2021

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