1993 Dodge Viper

RT/10 Callaway
A million-dollar GTO (no, not a Ferrari) in Kissimmee
Wednesday, 4 January - Sunday, 15 January
Sale Price
$50,000 - $70,000
Est. Range
11 January 2023
Sold Date
Lot Number
Modified original
Mecum Auctions
Auction House
Chassis no. 1B3BR65E2PV200012. Red with white stripes over gray leather. 8.0/440hp, 6-speed, pace car equipment.

Evaluation: Represented as the first 1993 Viper delivered to the East Coast. Intake and exhaust by Callaway yielded an extra 40 horsepower over stock. It was also the official pace car down the road in Connecticut at Lime Rock Park from 1993-95. Showing 7926 miles. There are some minor chips and blemishes on the front of the car and the mirror, plus a big scratch on the trunk. The interior is a little dirty as well, but this is an interesting, low-mile early Viper. Not sure what you’d do with it, but it’s neat.

Bottom Line: Even for folks familiar with tuning and turbocharging powerhouse that is Callaway Cars, a “Callaway Viper” isn’t something you hear often, or ever. It’s been mostly Corvettes and Camaros for the Connecticut company for decades now, but they did fiddle with a handful of Vipers. No twin-turbo monsters, and a bump of 40hp in this car isn’t anything to write home about, but 440hp is plenty in an early Viper. Couple the Callaway connection to this car’s service as a pace car at Lime Rock and it’s got real if somewhat esoteric appeal. For a race fan who lives near Lime Rock or Callaway (and in CT, everything is close), it is a neat find. This price would ordinarily buy an absolutely pristine RT/10, though, so maybe the appeal isn’t so esoteric, after all.

by Andrew Newton
20 January 2023

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