1987 Ferrari Testarossa

Spider by Straman
Sale Price
$125,000 - $175,000
Est. Range
22 January 2021
Sold Date
Lot Number
Visually maintained, largely original
RM Sotheby's
Auction House
Chassis no. ZFFSG17AXH0070983. Nero with black cloth top over tan leather. 4943/390hp, 5-speed, centerlock wheels, Pirelli P7000 tires, tools spare.

Evaluation: Reportedly one of just 12 Testarossas converted to Spider configuration by Straman in California, and one of just two black ones. Represented with partial service records but little other history. Excellent new interior and top, but there are a few light scratches on the center console. Clean engine bay with some dirt and grime in spots. Some heavy swirl marks in the paint and a few touch ups throughout. Wheels could stand a detailing. Lightly used and showing 51,772 miles.

Bottom Line: Ferrari built one Testarossa Spider for Gianni Agnelli, but then left it to the aftermarket to fill any demand for soft-top TRs. The best known conversions are probably those from Richard Straman. Even though it’s aftermarket, Straman conversions are well regarded for their quality, and he has cut the roofs off of everything from Ferraris to Honda CRXs. There was definitely a soft-top premium here, as this Straman Testarossa despite its imperfect condition brought the kind of money typically reserved for the very cleanest coupe Testarossas.

by Andrew Newton
4 February 2021

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