1984 Tiffany Classic

Barrett-Jackson's first ever auction in Houston, TX
Thursday, 16 September - Saturday, 18 September 2021
Sale Price
16 September 2021
Sold Date
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Chassis no. 1MEBP92F3EH702203. White with gold pinstripes over tan leather. 302, automatic, wire wheels, dual enclosed sidemount spares, chrome horns, landau bars, wood dash, cassette stereo, power seats, climate control, digital dash, amber fog lights.

Evaluation: Sound paint and brightwork other than pitting around the fog lights. Tattered leather straps on the trunk. Very good, lightly worn interior. CARFAX shows a minor accident. There is gold “Supercharged” script on the side of the hood, but there is just a standard mid-1980s 302 under there. Mild age takes little away from one of the most shouty, in-your-face cars ever made.

Bottom Line: The Tiffany was built by Classic Motor Carriages in (of course) Florida, using Mercury Cougar underpinnings. Prices started at around $33,000, and about 500 sold before the company went under. Today, neoclassics have a limited appeal. Few people took them seriously in the ’80s and nobody takes them seriously today, but their gaudy charm is all part of the fun. This one could have sold more more given the attention it got from onlookers and the strong prices seen elsewhere in this auction, but the result is in line with what other neoclassics have sold for recently.

by Andrew Newton
25 September 2021
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