1979 Mercedes-Benz 450SL

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Thursday, 7 October - Saturday, 9 October 2021
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8 October 2021
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Cosmetic restoration
Mecum Auctions
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Chassis no. 10704412053277. Medium Red over black. 4520/180hp, automatic, Michelin tires, both tops, climate control, aftermarket Sony CD stereo.

Evaluation: Sold new in Alberta and showing 128,567 km (79,888 miles). Represented as a two-owner car with the second owner keeping it from 1985 until this year. Cosmetically restored in the 1990s and again more recently.

The bumper plastic looks good but the chrome is heavily scratched, and that contrasts harshly with the relatively fresh, high-quality repaint. Heavy scratches on the window frames as well. Excellent interior with newer-looking seats and carpets. The wheels are either new or restored. Undercoating on the chassis and minimal dirt or wear. Condition varies widely on R107s, but even though this one has been driven regularly it was always well cared for and is well above average for one of these SLs. It wil be a rewarding Sunday cruiser.

Bottom Line: R107s are solidly built, comfortable cars that for a generation symbolized success, and Mercedes sold them for a long time so there are plenty still on the road. It’s only within the past five or six years that people really started to view them as collector cars. This is a fair but somewhat modest price (maybe discounted somewhat for the metric speedo, which will take some getting used to), and it’s hard to imagine the car will ever be worth any less than this.

by Andrew Newton
19 October 2021
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