1973 Lamborghini Jarama 400

Engine No. 41006
Rétromobile 2020 - Artcurial
Friday, 7 February 2020
$127,020 (€116,000)
Sale Price
7 February 2020
Sold Date
Lot Number
Older Restoration
Auction House
Chassis No. 10442, Engine No. 41006. Silver over black leather. 3929-cc/ 365-hp V-12, six Webers, 5-speed, Campagnolo wheels, Pirelli P4000 tires, Ansa exhaust, wood-rim steering wheel, wood shift knob, power windows, air conditioning, jack, tools, and owners manual.

Evaluation: Older restoration | U.S. market car, and the 9026 miles showing are represented as actual. Extensive work done when necessary, but never totally restored all at once. Very good paint. The rear bumper is lightly scratched. The left headlight door is a little crooked. Very good interior. Mostly restored underneath. A well-done but not quite like-new example of one of Lamborghini’s earlier, less extravagant GTs.

Bottom Line: Lamborghini’s earlier days saw small batches of elegant but understated gran turismos rather than the in-your-face, neon-colored supercars we associate with the brand today. Just 152 Jarama GTS models, with 15 more horses than the normal car, were built, but they aren’t all that expensive considering their rarity and performance. The price here is a fair one, even if it is less expensive than the €173,250 (about $183,900 at the time) it reportedly brought at the Coys Techno Classica auction in 2017.

by Hagerty Insider
7 February 2020

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