Sale Price
$50,000 - $70,000
Est. Range
13 August 2021
Sold Date
Lot Number
Visually maintained, largely original
Auction House
Chassis no. 1836353002665. Cypress Green over tan vinyl. 1986/130hp, 4-speed, alloy wheels, Pirelli tires, original Sanyo pushbutton AM/FM radio.

Evaluation: Represented as a single-owner car with just 64,289 miles, which as any Volvo person would say, is “barely broken in.” It has been repainted at some point but otherwise looks original, and great. The engine bay is all clean and correct and there is a newer exhaust underneath. Clean wheels that may also be newer or restored pieces. The seats and seatbelts show significant but forgivable wear considering their age. The doors stick out slightly. These cars are famous for being able to run forever, so many people drove theirs a lot. It’s remarkable to see one as pampered as this.

Bottom Line: Volvo 1800s used to be firmly in entry-level, budget classic territory. But then people realized just how usable and reliable they are, not to mention straight-up gorgeous, and they’ve stretched quite a bit past the point of being “cheap.”

Bonhams has somehow become the go-to auction for clean 1800s, selling most of the best examples we’ve ever seen for some of the highest prices we’ve ever seen. That includes a restored 1800ES at Quail Lodge three years ago for $92,400, an immaculately preserved 1800E coupe at Scottsdale 2019 for $91,840, and a restored 1800S coupe at Quail Lodge 2019 for $77,280. This Cypress Green ES is a remarkable car and $44,800 is a solid price for it, but it isn’t quite as remarkable as some of the other ones Bonhams has offered over the years, which is reflected in the difference in prices.

by Andrew Newton
19 August 2021
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