1972 Porsche 911

S Coupe
£209,300 ($259,888)
Sale Price
£175,000 - £225,000
Est. Range
16 April 2023
Sold Date
Lot Number
Recent restoration
Auction House
Chassis no. 9112300849; Engine no. 6321411. Sea Blue over beige leatherette with corduroy inserts. RHD. 2341/10hp, 5-speed, Fuchs alloy wheels, Blaupunkt radio.

Evaluation: Rare in right-hand drive and has been in present ownership since 2018. Professionally restored. Featured by Bonhams right in front of the rostrum and bidders’ seating and rightly so. The paint finish is exemplary and gleaming under the lights. It looks freshly detailed too, as there are zero swirls. Immaculate panel fit and perfect Fuchs alloys. All the exterior trim and fitmets are excellent as well. The aftermarket valve caps are unnecessary, though. The engine bay is well-detailed and appealing. A superb 911.

Bottom Line: The 1972-3 model year 911S added a Type 915 5-speed gearbox and Fuchs wheels as standard as well as a spoiler under the front bumper to improve high-speed stability. Referred to as the ‘Ölklappe’ (for the 1972-only external oil filler) with a weight of only 1,050 kg (2,310 lb), these models are rare and even rarer in RHD. Bonhams suggested this may be the only one in this color scheme and is one of 70 total in RHD.

The British Porschephiles at Goodwood were justifiably excited by this unicorn classic 911 and paid up for it big time. The seller had originally purchased the car at Silverstone’s May auction in 2018 but it was in a “sorry state” despite previous restoration work. Subsequent attention was rewarded here, though, especially since the price paid in 2018 was just £101,250.

by Andrew Newton
25 May 2023
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