1972 Ford Gran Torino

Mecum Houston 2021
Thursday, 8 April - Saturday, 10 April 2021
Sale Price
8 April 2021
Sold Date
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Enthusiast restoration
Mecum Auctions
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Chassis no. 2A38H253127. Green Gold Metallic with black stripes and black vinyl roof over dark green vinyl. 351/161hp, automatic, Magnum 500 wheels, Radial T/A tires, factory air conditioning, tinted glass, power steering, power front disc brakes, bench seat.

Evaluation: Freshly restored and lightly run engine bay. Paint looks very good from a distance but reveals prep issues up close with a lot of small blisters, particularly on the tail. Clean, tight roof vinyl. New-looking wheels. Very good interior. Tired chrome that looks original and stands out on an otherwise lovely car. An eye-catching Gran Torino that is plenty good enough for what it is.

Bottom Line: Later Grand Torinos look great and are more comfortable than most classic muscle cars, but they aren’t particularly fast or particularly valuable. This price, then, was surprisingly high.

by Andrew Newton
22 April 2021
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  • MustangJim says:

    nice looking car bought well. These cars we’re not muscle cars but great cruisers.

  • Royce says:

    How much longer Will you have it

  • Mr C says:

    Evidently, no one has bothered to look at the specs for the 72-73 Q code 351c 4 speed top loader Gran Torino Sports.

    Also, as a note, it is spelled “Gran Torino” not “Grand”.
    Now, in stock form with a Q code 4 speed car, with minor tweaking you could very easily wake one of the open chamber large valve factory 4 barrel head cars up. Add slightly steeper gearing and it’s been more than proven these cars have no problems actually moving at more than a basic pace.
    To the guys saying the “real” muscle era ended in 1971, evidently a few of you forgot a few basic tweaks really can wake these cars up.
    The N code 429 cars have also proven to be reasonable performers thanks to the aftermarket, but the 75-76 Torino police package 460 interceptors put out 460 foot pounds of torque with special prepped C6 automatics. In the land of the great white north, we had members on GranTorinoSport.org who owned ex-Canadian police pursuit specials and these cars were no slouch even for a 4400 pound 4 door.
    Also, with minor upgrades on the spring rates using 700-800 pound rate springs, factory 1-1/8” sway bars or aftermarket additions, good monotube shocks can improve things.
    Updating rear control arms to Spohn or PMT, and it will do more than catch a few folks off guard.
    I should know as I own a factory Q code that has been updated over the years and more than had my fair share of fun toying with other folks on trips like Powertour and other events.

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