1970 Plymouth Road Runner

Mecum Kissimmee 2021 rakes in a record $111.8M
Thursday, 7 January - Saturday, 16 January 2021
Sale Price
500000 - 550000
Est. Range
15 January 2021
Sold Date
Lot Number
Older restoration
Mecum Auctions
Auction House
Chassis no. RM23R0A170172. Alpine White with black vinyl roof over black vinyl. 426/425hp Hemi, 4-speed, A33 Track Pack, hood pins, Hurst pistol grip shifter, power steering, power brakes with front discs, Tic-Toc-Tach.

Evaluation: One of 58 Hemi Superbirds produced with 4-speed. Sold new at Capital Motors in Trenton, NJ. Original window sticker, two broadcast sheets, IBM punch card, warranty card. Restored in 2002. Best American Muscle Car at 2003 Amelia Island Concours, OE Silver Certification at 2002 Mopar Nationals, David Wise Visual Evaluation Report and Certificate. Represented with the original drivetrain. Overall the paint is in great condition with only minor signs of prep work coming through, mainly near the trunk and in corners of the door jambs, trunk and under the hood. Front black piece on nose has been chipped and repaired. Good interior other than a crack in the steering wheel, the door panel coming loose on driver’s side, and some chrome on interior components starting to pit, namely the door handles. Bottom seal of windshield on interior is also sloppy, especially on the driver’s side. Engine bay is in great condition. Showing its age but a great car where it counts.

Bottom Line: This Superbird has been across the block a few times over the years, and most of its history is actually a good demonstration of what values have done for these aero muscle cars. It sold in 2007 at the height of pre-recession Hemi madness for $529,200, then by Mecum Indy in 2009 post-recession and during the muscle car slump for $318,000. RM sold it at the Art of the Automobile auction in NYC in 2013 for $363,000, and then Mecum sold in again in 2017 in Harrisburg for $456,500. Its odometer shows just 59 more miles since that last one. This Kissimmee result, meanwhile, is the standout. It’s a very big number, but 4-speed Hemi examples aren’t easy to come by, and at least two people were willing to pay for the chance at this one.

by Andrew Newton
22 January 2021


  • James Hayton says:

    I had a ’70 Superbird 440+6 , Pistol Grip, Lemon Twist/ Black bench
    Nobody paid attention to ME in my final year of High School in Newport beach, Cali, but they KNEW my car. The guy with the Superbird… Quite an ownership experience…. Got rubber in 3 of 4 gears….

  • Steve says:

    Yes Prices Really JUMPED !! In Late 80″s Early 90″s Went to Carslie Mopar event ,Giveaway Vehicle Was a Superbird Roadrunner 440 Six Pack ,Officials Said They had Purchased a Year Prior For 15k At The Giveaway the car was Valued At 30K ,Condition 2# ONLY Because there was a Color Change To Black With Inlaid 24k Gold Pinstripes – FIGURES The Winner Had Just Purchased CASH Two Other Vehicles that were NOT Cheap ,The Woman Jumped in The Bird And Started it and put in Forward And Almost ran it off the Stage , They announced they Were Loooking For a Driver To Drive Back to Their Home State Being They Had Only Brought a Transport vehicle that could Haul ONLY 2 Cars !!!!

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