1969 American Motors Hurst SC/Rambler

Mecum Indy 2022
Friday, 13 May - Saturday, 21 May 2022
Sale Price
$80,000 - $100,000
Est. Range
20 May 2022
Sold Date
Lot Number
Older restoration
Mecum Auctions
Auction House
Chassis no. A9M097X289426. White, red and blue over charcoal vinyl with red/white/blue headrests. 390/315hp, 4-speed with Hurst T-handle shifter, Sun tach, hood pins, Twin-Grip, 3.54 axle, window sticker.

Evaluation: “A” paint scheme. Restored to like new condition. Nothing to nitpick.

Bottom Line: In creating one of the most outrageous cars in an era chock-full of automotive excess, American Motors (AMC) smashed the biggest V-8 available into the smallest, lightest body in its lineup. Produced in conjunction with Hurst Performance Products and aimed at NHRA F-Stock drag racing, the SC/Rambler was also cheap, and just about the only car you could buy for less than three grand that had over 300-hp and could pull mid-14s. Although AMC only planned to build around 500, the company ended up selling over 1500. About 80 percent of buyers chose this loud and proud “A” paint scheme with the red body sides and ludicrous hood decals instead of the more conservative (but still flamboyant) “B” paint scheme.

Buyer preference apparently still lays with the “A” scheme since this car sold for over $10,000 more than the “B” painted car out of the same collection, but both brought huge results that put them among the most expensive SC/Ramblers ever sold.

by Andrew Newton
27 May 2022


  • Rick L. says:

    Grew up at Lebanon Valley Dragstrip in Upstate NY. Dad drag raced SC/Rambler back in the day. Car is still in the family, original paint, original engine, transmission, etc… with 30,000 some miles. What a great class to race so many cars ran in the old F/S class back then, sometime as many as mid 20’s. Always the last class to finish. AMC finally getting recognition.

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