1968 AMC AMX

Go Package "Von Piranha"
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21 October 2022
Sold Date
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Visually maintained, largely original
Auction House
Chassis no. Red over black vinyl. 390/315hp, floor shift automatic, cassette radio, custom hood, non-functional roof scoops and side scoops to cool the rear brakes.

Evaluation: Represented as one of only one or two of these “Von Piranha” AMXs remaining. It spent 33 years in a Colorado garage and now the paint shows lots of blemishes, especially on the hood. There is also a scrape on the right rear wheel, and the original chrome is very tired. The interior looks great. It’s an inherently interesting car and will certainly attract attention and a lot of questions with those giant scoops, but it’s so obscure and its history so murky that it isn’t necessarily all that valuable.

Bottom Line: This AMX would stump many muscle car gurus and even many AMC fans. I had certainly never heard of it. Supposedly about 22 of these “Von Piranha” AMXs were built by a Denver dealership for road and drag racing, but they aren’t well known and there aren’t other survivors out there. This one has been the subject of online debates and magazine articles, but there still appear to be more questions than answers, so the new owner still has some homework to do. They paid a bit of a premium for the intrigue, but didn’t get too carried away.

by Andrew Newton
30 October 2022


  • Todd w vonLetkemann says:

    I know the complete history of that exact car.. my father had 22 of them built in 1968 for more info contact me

  • Geoff The-Decalman says:

    We have been asked to created waterslide decals for the AMC AMX.
    Would be nice to include the ‘Von Piranha’ logo, for that variant, but I can’t find any photos of the specifically of the logo … or showing it sufficiently well to recreate.

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