1966 Volvo 1800S

Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2021
Thursday, 17 June - Saturday, 19 June 2021
Sale Price
18 June 2021
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Enthusiast restoration
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Chassis no. 17184. California White over black leather. 1778cc four with single Weber, 4-speed with overdrive, hub caps and trim rings, store brand tires, dual sport mirrors, Alpine CD stereo.

Evaluation: Early S model 1800. The S stands for Sweden, after Volvo moved production to its own facilities (Jensen in the UK screwed together the early cars). Presentable, lightly scratched chrome but there is severe pitting on a few trim pieces. Quick respray with masking errors and orange peel. Lightly scratched rear window and wiper marks on the windshield. Recently undercoated chassis and tidy engine bay. The doors stick out slightly. Good interior with new-looking seats and a clean dash, but the badge on the steering wheel is cracked. Represented with a full service this March. Volvo 1800s are gorgeous, usable classics and this is a solid driver for the most part, although it borders on scruffy.

Bottom Line: Volvo 1800s were low-priced classics for a long time and budget restorations like this were the norm. But more recently people caught on to just how good these sexy Swedes are and have been putting more money into them. This is driver-quality money for a driver-quality car, but it leaves the new owner with little room to make serious improvements.

by Andrew Newton
23 June 2021
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