1964 Morris Mini

Cooper 1275S
Sale Price
£110,000 - £150,000
Est. Range
13 November 2022
Sold Date
Lot Number
Competition restoration
Silverstone Auctions
Auction House
Chassis no. CA2S7662044; Engine no. 9FSAY34709. Red with white roof and numbers over grey cloth. 1293/117hp competition engine, close-ratio 4-speed, Quaife Torsen-type limited-slip differential, rally seats and harnesses, roll cage, rally instruments, rally lights on the nose and single spotlight on the roof.

Evaluation: This Works Rally 1275S Mini Cooper was built in 1964 as a BMC factory competition car, then competed in the 1965 Swedish, Acropolis and Alpine Rallies before winning the 1965 RAC Rally driven by Rauno Aaltonen. Also won the Scottish Rally with Tony Fall driving in 1966, then was in an accident in the 1966 Gulf Rally and retired. Restored to its original configuration and appearance in the 1990s. It was rebodied during that restoration and given conventional suspension instead of the hydrolastic it competed with in the 1960s.

Good paint with no marks or dings. Average aged-looking exterior trim and chrome with minor pitting. The wheels have paint over corrosion which disappoints the eye. Clean seats but aged carpets. A historic rally machine that looks ready for an adventure.

Bottom Line: Considering their economy car intentions, tiny dimensions and cute features, Minis made surprisingly competent competition cars. This is true for touring car racing, but the most famous images of racing Minis are the rally cars leaping over snow and sliding through Monte Carlo. Minis were competitive in international rallying for over a decade, and any of the winners would be on top of the collectible Mini pyramid.

Only an ex-Paddy Hopkirk Monte Carlo winner would be more desirable than this one. It reportedly sold for $196,980 at the Bonhams Race Retro auction in 2007, then again four years and one Great Recession later for $127,386 at the Goodwood Revival auction. That it’s still selling in the low-100K range a decade later is surprising, and in terms of history plus fun plus opportunities for use, the price offers a seriously good value relative to other ex-works competition cars out there.

by Andrew Newton
26 November 2022
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