1960 Turner 950 Sports

£12,650 ($15,708)
Sale Price
£25,000 - £35,000
Est. Range
16 April 2023
Sold Date
Lot Number
Older restoration
Auction House
Chassis no. 60307. Green with black hardtop and tan vinyl soft top over black piped in white. RHD. 948cc BMC A-Series engine with two SU carbs, 4-speed, painted wire wheels, hardtop, woodrim steering wheel, tonneau cover, side exhaust.

Evaluation: Raced in period by WWII Hurricane pilot Kenneth Mackenzie, first with BMC power and then with a Coventry Climax FWA engine before going back to BMC power in the 1970s. Restored in the 1980s-90s and in aged but solid condition with tired-looking wheels and tires, aged paint, worn top, and a slightly dirty engine. Still a usable and charming historic racer.

Bottom Line: Jack Turner built small sports cars with a conventional ladder frame and small displacement BMC, Ford or Climax engines underneath fiberglass bodywork and sourced components from various other English production cars. Unassuming and surprisingly quick little cars, they were successful both in the UK and in SCCA competition over here, and they’re a more interesting alternative to the usual MGs and Sprites that fill vintage racing grids. And yet somehow nobody was tempted by this lovely little Turner. A rare, fun, Goodwood-eligible race car for less than the price of a regular old MGA (and half its £25K low estimate) is an absolute steal.

by Andrew Newton
27 May 2023

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