1960 AC Aceca

Sale Price
$120,000 - $181,000
Est. Range
5 February 2021
Sold Date
Lot Number
Visually maintained, largely original
Auction House
Chassis no. BEX795. Light gray over red leather. 1971/128hp, 5-speed, three Solex carburetors, chrome wire wheels, Dunlop Racing tires, woodrim steering wheel, wood dashboard panels, green translucent sun visors.

Evaluation: 100D engine block, 100 B2 cylinder head (# 100 B2 4011), original valve covers with the original engine number 100 D2 1084. Superficial old repaint, cracked original upholstery, older replaced interior trim and carpets. The engine compartment is aged, dirty and highly original; there are no photos of the chassis but it is probably consistent with the engine compartment. Tires are aged, dirty, and cracked. The body panels look straight. Carpets are scruffy and the chrome is weak. The 5-speed’s shift lever and pattern appear to be from Japan. An intriguing car but with many replacements and work-arounds that detract from its appeal even as a restoration project.

Bottom Line: There wasn’t much love at Artcurial for this Aceca Bristol, which opened at €90,000 and advanced only one increment to the final bid. Nevertheless, the price here makes the car an expensive indulgence. Restored to beyond perfect trailer queen condition, it might, even with its mixed-up engine and gearbox, bring $200,000. The problem is getting to that condition would cost well more than the $68,000 left after paying this much.

by Rick Carey
12 February 2021
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