1959 Lister Jaguar

Bonhams Amelia Island 2023
Thursday, 2 March
Sale Price
$600,000 - $800,000
Est. Range
2 March 2023
Sold Date
Lot Number
Competition car, original as-raced
Auction House
Chassis no. BHL125. RHD. 3781/300hp D-Type factory engine, triple Webers, 4-speed, alloy wheels, Dunlop tires, Smiths gauges.

Evaluation: The fourth Costin-bodied Lister. Campaigned with Chevy and Jaguar power in period in Britain. Last ran in 1973. Displayed and started over the years but last sold in the 1970s. Dull, cracked paint. Scratched and cracked windows. She wheels are a little beat up but not bad. Oxidized and dirty underneath. It’s a beautiful car even as rough as it looks, and worth putting back on track.

Bottom Line: With Brian Lister’s tubular chassis and Jaguar’s XK engines (or, later, Chevrolet V8s), Listers were the cars to beat in late 1950s sports car racing, often beating better-funded efforts from the likes of Aston Martin. With either the factory “Knobbly” bodywork or this more slippery shape by Frank Costin, Listers are common sights today screaming and sliding their way around the track at the Goodwood Revival. The price for this one is far from a bargain, but it bought a very authentic car with no serious issues, and it’s eligible for some of the world’s great vintage racing events where it can go toe to toe with cars that cost several times as much. Not a bad value if you look at it that way.

by Andrew Newton
8 April 2023

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