1959 Aston Martin DB4

£330,000 ($445,599)
Not sold at a high bid of
£420,000 - £460,000
Est. Range
Lot Number
Recent restoration
Auction House
Chassis no. DB4179R; Engine no. 370158. Brown metallic over red leather. Engine enlarged to 4.2 liters and fitted with triple Webers, 4-speed transmission, chrome wire wheels, woodrim steering wheel, Motorola radio.

Evaluation: This early DB4 has been subject to an exceptional four-year restoration. The wealthy owner employs a team of restorers to work without compromise. Presented in deep brown metallic with a large flake content. The finish on all panels is faultless. The exterior chrome and trim are restored to perfection. The chromed wire wheels are as new with unmarked two eared knock-ons. The engine bay and chassis are better than new, with every surface polished and painted. The interior is a wonder. The seat leather is of the highest quality and looks unused. The dash clocks and controls are faultless, with no dust in the dials at all. The pedal rubbers are new and clean. The passenger’s door leading edge protrudes slightly, and that is the only imperfection. The best presented by car here by miles.

Bottom Line: A seriously stunning car, restored to impeccable standards that left the bidders wondering what to do about it. In the end they were mystified and failed to comprehend the restoration’s standards with this modest (no, that’s too restrained, “addled” is better) bid.

by Rick Carey
24 December 2020
DB4 interior
1959 DB4

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