1955 MG TF

Mecum Houston 2021
Thursday, 8 April - Saturday, 10 April 2021
Sale Price
9 April 2021
Sold Date
Lot Number
Older restoration
Mecum Auctions
Auction House
Chassis no. HDP467691. Green with tan cloth top over tan leather. 1466/63hp, 4-speed, single wing mirror, painted wire wheels, rear-mounted spare, tonneau cover, Moto-Lita woodrim steering wheel.

Evaluation: Tidy restored engine bay with signs of a small oil leak. Tired chrome. Significant pitting on the left headlight bezel. Good older paint. Clean top. Very clean chassis. Very good interior. The spare wheel has seen better days, but it’s a spare. A lovely weekend driver with no needs and an easy car to like, plus it’s a genuine 1500.

Bottom Line: The MG TF was seen as old-fashioned even when it was new, but 60-plus years later that’s all part of the charm. The TF 1500 model makes a whopping 63 hp over the standard 1250-cc car’s 57 (10.5% more) and can command a premium of well over 10 percent. Or, in this case, even more of a premium than that. This is another instance of a charming and perfectly good but not great car selling for the kind of money that concours-quality MGs typically command. The seller should be very, very happy with this result.

by Andrew Newton
22 April 2021


  • Alexander Jakimenko says:

    nice example and a good auction result. It has TF1500 badging but missing rear reflectors added to the 1955 TF1500 model. Were they left off during earlier restoration or did this car start as a 1954 TF1250?

  • Rick says:

    A lovely automobile albeit a bit pricey.

  • Bill Worden says:

    This result is why I ask my wife to hide the laptop once the wine bottle gets below half-full.

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