1955 Mercury Montclair

Sun Valley Hardtop
Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2021
Saturday, 20 March - Saturday, 27 March 2021
Sale Price
27 March 2021
Sold Date
Lot Number
Older restoration
Auction House
Chassis #55LA22933M, Sea Island Green over green, white leather, 292/188hp, automatic, wheel covers, whitewalls, fender skirts, radio, dash clock.

Evaluation: Older body-off restoration. In a museum for the past eight years. Very good paint, chrome, and interior along with a nearly spotless engine bay. No flaws to note. A gorgeous and relatively rare Sun Valley.

Bottom Line: Mercury only briefly sold the Montclair in this “Sun Valley” body style, which featured a green-tinted Plexiglas roof section over the front seats. A Ford version was called the Crown Victoria Skyliner. Period ads promised that “a completely new sensation of boundless freedom and magnificent comfort awaits you!” Unfortunately, the main sensation people felt was heat, as that nifty transparent roof acted as a greenhouse. Despite the inclusion of a removable cover for the Plexiglas section, the heat and the high price (about as much as a convertible) meant that the Sun Valley was quickly discontinued. This one sold for $126,500 at the Auctions America Fort Lauderdale auction in 2011, a massive price at the time and a feat that couldn’t be repeated today as interest in many 1950s American cars has softened in the past 10 years. That’s reflected in this still strong but significantly lower result.

by Andrew Newton
1 April 2021


  • Timothy Kelly says:

    I had a Crown Vic Skyliner in the early ’60’s. Didn’t keep it long because the oil return lines were blocked and I wasn’t handy at the time. Wish I had it now

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