1952 MG TD

Uniqueness before beauty?
Thursday, 22 September - Saturday, 24 September 2022
Sale Price
$45,000 - $65,000
Est. Range
24 September 2022
Sold Date
Lot Number
Modified restoration
RM Sotheby's
Auction House
Chassis no. TDC24488; Engine no. XPAG/TD2/23282. Red with black side stripe and tan cloth top over red leather. 1250 engine with Judson supercharger, 4-speed, hub caps and trim rings, one badge bar behind the bumper and another across the grille, wind wings, Marchal headlights, woodrim steering wheel, K3 Magnette-style bucket seats, pressure gauge for the supercharger.

Evaluation: Very good paint with a handful of blemishes. Clean underneath. Lightly worn leather on the driver’s seat and a rubbed through spot on the outer bolster, but the rest of the interior looks great. For anyone into T-Series MGs, this is a very cool car and it stands out even among all the other clean, tastefully modified T-Series cars in this collection.

Bottom Line: This car is already a relatively rare, racy “Competition model” Mk II TD (higher compression and improved handling) then given extra oomph by the period correct Judson blower as well as some other period goodies.

There is a lot to like here and this is no ordinary MG, but there were also 16 other T-Series cars of various kinds vying for bidders’ attention at this sale. Surprisingly, despite being one of the more interesting examples, this TD was the cheapest of them by several thousand dollars and brought little more than half its low estimate. It’s a head-scratcher for us, but for the new owner, it is so much car and so much back road fun for the money.

by Andrew Newton
27 September 2022
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