1950 Packard Eight

Station Sedan
Mecum Houston 2021
Thursday, 8 April - Saturday, 10 April 2021
Sale Price
10 April 2021
Sold Date
Lot Number
Older restoration
Mecum Auctions
Auction House
Chassis no. 23935304. Arizona Beige over brown vinyl and cloth. 288/135hp straight-eight, column shift 3-speed, hub caps and trim rings, wide whitewalls, fender skirts, pushbutton radio, amber fog lights.

Evaluation: Fully restored 15 years and 2000 miles ago. Two large chips in the hood and long scrape on the right front fender but mostly very good paint and chrome. The varnish on the wood is coming up and cracking in a few places, and some of the wood panels don’t fit flush with the body. Very clean underneath and very good interior. Uneven gaps, but they’re rarely perfect on these cars. Forgivable flaws given the age, but you wouldn’t put this car in a serious show and expect to take home a trophy.

Bottom Line: The station sedan is a rare oddball from Packard’s immediate postwar years. Neither a true sedan nor a full woody station wagon, it mostly uses wood panels that are simply fixed to the doors, although the rear hatch is full wood. It was discontinued when Packard’s restyled 1951 line was introduced. This is a realistic price for a solid one. It’s also quite a bit of car for the money since, according to the invoices, the restoration cost well into six figures but still has life left in it.

by Andrew Newton
18 April 2021


  • Dantheman says:

    These don’t seem to attract the same prices as other woodies from this era.
    Ford and Chevy wagons from the late 1940’s are above $65k, Late ’40s Chrysler sedans are way higher. ’48 Pontiac Streamliners are double this price and more.
    How come?

  • Jon R Hagstrom says:

    great land yacht +++

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