1950 Bentley B Special

Speed 8 Sports Tourer, body by Racing Green Engineering
Gooding & Company's latest online auction averages $1.28M per car
Thursday, 28 January - Friday, 5 February 2021
Sale Price
$309,000 - $411,000
Est. Range
5 February 2021
Sold Date
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Facsimile restoration
Gooding & Company
Auction House
Chassis no. B125JN; B187RG. RHD. 5,675-cc Rolls-Royce B-Series OHV inline eight-cylinder engine, dry sump, four side draft SU H.6 carburetors, black painted wire wheels with two prong knock-ons, road leaf springs and friction dampers, 3-spoke string-wrapped steering wheel, engine turned dashboard, digital rally clock, large bore exhaust, single dry-plate clutch to a 4-speed gearbox, Luvax Bijur central lubrication, servo assisted hydraulic front and mechanical rear drum brakes, fold-flat windscreen with laminated safety glass, leather heated front bucket seats, large capacity fuel tank, headlamp stone guards, driving lights, running board tool box.

Evaluation: Assembled to this specification in 1950, this is a seriously impressive Speed 8 recreation based on a 1950 Bentley Mk VI chassis. It greets you with coachwork clad in a very shiny black modern two pack paint of a very high standard. The only minor distraction is the masking errors on the fender guards. The chrome work is superb but the nickel radiator surround has forgivable fine swirl lines. The Lucas headlamps are as new. The chassis, axles, suspension uprights, and dampers are all in top condition. The windscreen glass looks brand new. The Rudge Whitworth Patent wheels are near perfect. The interior materials are high quality. Understandably for such a high car, there are hand marks on the driver’s seat bolster leather from awkward entry and exit. Gorgeous engine bay. It is a re-creation, yes, but the presentation is superb.

Bottom Line: The B-Series inline eight engine is a WWII product with inlet-over-exhaust heads. Except for having eight cylinders and being built by Rolls/Bentley it’s pretty dull with even in this highly-prepared 4-carburetor setup estimated at 220hp from 5.7 liters. Still, the visage is impressive and the value when wailing over country roads is substantial. It’s a reasonable result for its history.

by Rick Carey
19 February 2021
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