1947 Allard L

Mecum Dallas 2022
Wednesday, 7 September - Saturday, 10 September 2022
Sale Price
$30,000 - $40,000
Est. Range
8 September 2022
Sold Date
Lot Number
Older restoration
Mecum Auctions
Auction House
Chassis no. B18F7207042. British Racing Green with beige vinyl top over red leather. RHD. Ford Flathead V8, 3-speed manual, red steel wheels with trim rings, whitewalls, side curtains, banjo steering wheel.

Evaluation: From the Butler Estate Collection and out of long-term storage. Not much history represented, and has a different grille than other production L-Type Allards. Older paint with plenty of scratches and swirls. Older tires. Excellent upholstery. The doors are a little loose. Tidy engine and underbody. Newer water temp, fuel and oil pressure gauges added. Very rare early Allard in driver condition. It would make a cool, usable and interesting tour car, and with the common Ford bits underneath it should be relatively easy to get back on the road.

Bottom Line: Although less overtly sporty than better-known Allards like the J2, the four-seater L-Type has that same signature Allard combination of ample American V8 power with a lightweight British chassis. The L was also one of Sydney Allard’s best sellers, but his shops in southwest London never churned out big numbers of anything and fewer than 200 L-Types were ever completed. Very few remain today on either side of the Atlantic.

This one was nestled in between the dozens of ’32 and ’34 Fords out of the Butler Estate Collection and a lot of the folks in Dallas didn’t know what they were looking at when they came across the oddball sports car. The new owner here did, and got a very fixable car that is very rare, interesting and usable for under 30 grand. It’s a great buy at this price.

by Andrew Newton
16 September 2022
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