1937 Atalanta 2-Litre

£287,500 ($388,211)
Sale Price
£300,000 - £400,000
Est. Range
16 December 2020
Sold Date
Lot Number
Older restoration
Auction House
Chassis no. 1101; Engine no. 1009. Dark blue over red leather. 1996-cc Gough engine, twin SU carburetors, 4-speed transmission, all-independent coil-sprung suspension, Hiduminium alloy suspension links and Elektron magnesium alloy Lockheed hydraulically operated brake drums, spare wheel, twin Le Mans fuel filler caps, twin side aero screens, Jaeger instrumentation.

Evaluation: This interesting short wheelbase Atalanta was restored in 2006. In 2007 it won the Cartier Style et Luxe at Goodwood and was then displayed and sold at Pebble Beach. One of only (approximately) 20 known examples.

The modern two-pack paint has a good finish but with lots of swirl lines. The exterior chrome is to a high standard but has polishing lines. The headlamp bowls are bright. The grille still looks superb. The large chromed wire wheels are clean and reveal the huge alloy drum brakes, similar to Alfa Romeo 8C drums. The windshield frame has slight pitting. The superbly crafted rear number plate body surround is magnificent. The engine bay is mostly clean but shows some surface rust on the manifold and behind the firewall area. The leather seat covering is of high quality and only slightly creased. The carpets are used looking and could use a thorough clean. The dash panel has been replaced with incorrect low-grade wood. It has seen better days but it’s rare, cool, attractive and eligible for the Le Mans Classic.

Bottom Line: Having gone through a checkered history including a variety of engines including a Ford V8-60 with many gaps in its history the appeal of this car is in its rarity, nearly spectacular appearance and carefully restored authenticity. Little used, it needs attention to function but is a gorgeous example of late-30’s British design and is a handsome value at this result.

by Rick Carey
23 December 2020
1937 Atalanta
Atalanta hood ornament
Atalanta 2 Litre Engine
Atalanta Interior
1937 Atalanta
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  • Don Flye says:

    Seams like a very reasonable price for this beautiful car. I wonder what the total of it was.

  • Rick Carey says:

    The successful hammer bid was £250,000 ($337,575) plus 15% commission for the final price of £287,500 ($388,211 at an exchange rate of $1.3503/£1.
    Hagerty doesn’t credit the on-site observer, Christopher Sharpe.

  • Christopher Sharpe says:

    Thanks for tagging me Rick. I put some serious miles into this report so it’s nice to get a credit. I am right there in the introduction to be fair to Hagerty.

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