Mecum Tulsa 2021

Friday, 11 June - Saturday, 12 June 2021

Lots: 15

Tulsa, OK; USA

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  • Jesse Lambert says:

    Need more tvs on upper level plus more bleachers so everyone can can watch from distance. Realize yr 1 from tulsa but for such a event, not that hard to accomplish.

  • Scott hermanson says:

    Was disappointed with this auction. They could have done better.No tv monitors for upstairs. The auction was too far from there to really see. this was my 4th Mecum Auction 2 at Kansas City and 1 from Las Vegas.No complaints about the planned seating at them.I know this was their 1st year in Tulsa buttoned at least had more monitors

    • Andrew Newton says:

      It definitely didn’t feel like a typical Mecum auction, more like the old Leake auctions held at the same venue, but I expect things to look different if Mecum comes back next year.

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