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Insider's aim is to educate and entertain you about changes in the collector car market. We're part of Hagerty, the largest insurer specializing exclusively in vintage vehicles. Our team of analysts study how cars, values, and demographics intersect, and we extend our observations beyond auctions and into the buying and selling behaviors of our members. The result is that our market statements aren’t opinions, but data-driven comments backed by rigorous analysis. When we say a car is primed to grow in value, we promise we don’t make the claim because we feel it is true; we have studied the probability that it is so.

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Hagerty analysts inspect thousands of vehicles for sale at auction each year. You can read many of our reports right here.

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We're able to peer into insurance data to look beyond the next auction and to the bigger demographic and economic trends impacting collector cars.

Meet our team

Brian Rabold

VP, Hagerty Automotive Intelligence; Editor, Insider
Portland, OR

Brian worked at Sports Car Market before moving to an automotive data and software firm. In his spare time, he helped start Cars That Matter, which became the Hagerty Price Guide.

John Wiley

Manager of Valuation Analytics
Seattle, WA

John joined Hagerty from Zillow, where he was a data scientist, and has a masters in applied mathematics from the University of Chicago. His non-car passions include running and photography.

Dave Kinney

Publisher, Hagerty Price Guide
Great Falls, VA

Dave is a renowned market expert who has written regular columns for a host of magazines. He judges at events and attends dozens of auctions each year. Dave is an automotive appraiser and a senior member of The American Society of Appraisers.

Colin Comer

Milwuakee, WI
Marketplace Expert

Colin is a sought-after expert for top collectors worldwide, a panelist at our Valuation seminars, and an advisor for the Hagerty Price Guide. He is also the author of several books on the muscle car era and Shelby-American and a noted car collector himself.

Andrew Newton

Auctions Editor
Houston, TX

Andrew served as both associate editor at Sports Car Digest and education manager at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum before joining Hagerty in 2014. He has a masters in history focused on the British Empire, and loves his British cars as well.

Rick Carey

Auction Analyst
Thompson, CT

Rick was one of the first people to report on the collector car market in detail almost 30 years ago and has unparalleled market knowledge. Primarily focused on auctions, he created and maintains one of the largest databases of auction transactions at

John Mayhead

Editor, UK Hagerty Price Guide
Chicester, England

John, a longtime auto journalist, is Hagerty’s head of UK content. He rebuilt his first car (a Beetle) at 17 with help from his father. He moved on to rusting Alfa Romeos and is currently restoring a Porsche 912.

Tim Weadock

Director of Vehicle Data
Traverse City, MI

Tim, a veteran of the collector car industry, has been collecting Valuation and market data for Hagerty for two decades. He is one of the inventors of Hagerty’s pre-17-digit VIN decoder.

Glenn Arlt

Traverse City, Michigan

Glenn’s passion for cars inspired him to leave a career at a research lab to join Hagerty more than 20 years ago. He provides historical expertise to the Valuation Team and manages the “Ask Hagerty” Concierge Service.

Rob Bennett

Vehicle Data Specialist
Traverse City, MI

Rob grew up in a sports car household and is both a Mustang enthusiast and a photographer. After graduating from Central Michigan University, he joined Hagerty in 2001 and was a trainer in the sales department for 8 years.

Adam Wilcox

Information Analyst
Denver, CO

Adam majored in physics in college but always dreamed of the open road. He once drove from Michigan to Alaska, and spent more than a year touring the country in a camper van.

Erik Nelson

Vehicle Data Specialist
Traverse City, MI

Erik comes from a long line of car nuts and has bought and sold many cars, particularly AMCs, over the years. A 20-year Hagerty veteran, he currently works on our Valuation databases and VIN decoder.

Frank Wilke

Managing Director, Classic Analytics
Bochum, Germany

Frank studied law at Bochum University and runs Classic Analytics, Germany’s biggest appraisal organization for classic cars and a wholly owned subsidiary of Hagerty.

Greg Ingold

Assistant Editor, Hagerty Price Guide
Traverse City, MI

Greg grew up tinkering on old cars and trucks and developed a particular obsession with Pontiacs. A longtime Hagerty employee, he currently owns a 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix.

James Hewitt

Information Analyst
Boulder, CO

James is a classic motorcycle collector who has owned over 100 vintage bikes from the 1960s and ‘70s. He has an industrial engineering degree from the University of Michigan and previous experience in software startups and the tech industry.

Matt Nelson, Hagerty Valuation Services

Matt Nelson

Vehicle Data Specialist
Wilkes-Barre, PA

Matt interned at Hagerty while earning a finance degree from Michigan State University. He is a Japanese import enthusiast and gained broad automotive expertise while working on the insurance side of the business for Hagerty.

Reggie Horning

Member Support Specialist
Traverse City, MI

Reggie has been buying and selling fun cars since before he could legally drive. His automotive passion mostly spans performance cars of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s; but honestly, if it has wheels, a motor, and the price is right, you have his attention.

David Zenlea

Managing Editor, Hagerty Insider
Ann Arbor, MI

David planned on being a political reporter in Washington, D.C., but decided, on a lark, to move to Michigan and try writing about his true passion, cars. More than a decade later, he’s still at it, having worked for magazines like Road & Track before joining Hagerty to manage Insider.